Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brief check in

Otis is still doing amazingly well. He almost caught a fawn the other day. And a bunny the day before that. He's moving so well it's as if he never had surgery. I couldn't be happier! 

He's still getting himself into trouble. The other day at the park he got "attacked" by another dog and broke his canine tooth. Silly dog is always costing us money. :-) But otherwise, he's perfect. 

Below are a couple of photos of him with our daughter. She loves him a bit more than he loves her right now...though he does love "cleaning" up after her meals. If she drops anything, he's there. And he licks her hands and face clean when she's messy. Which is always, of course. 

I hope this blog helps someone out there dealing with this issue. Feel free to comment--it will always trigger a response from me, even if it's been awhile!


  1. Hey, I can’t find an email address. Can you email me so I can ask a question?

  2. Thank you for your lovely blog. We too have a lovely dog with hip dysplasia. She's just taken a bad turn again. She is not even 3 yrs old but is such a loving dog. She has it in both hips and it's pretty bad.

  3. I am so glad to hear that it's helpful! Otis is 4.5 years old today (it's also our daughter's second birthday) and he is doing amazingly well. If he plays hard or runs hard, he'll limp a bit, but mostly just like we all do when we work our muscles. Our biggest issue has been weight management--maybe strict weight management and physical therapy would help some? I am sorry to hear about your sweet little dog! best of luck.

  4. Just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for posting this blog. Our little bear had his first X-rays today, displasia in both hips. No matter how much we prepared it has still been a massive blow. I've been in tears reading this and only hope now he will be a candidate for surgery. I'd give him my hips if i could. Thank you so so much for this

  5. Just found your blog, I have just started doing a blog about our 5 month lab x who has just been diagnosed. Just trying to get as much info as possible. And to cap it all I found a lump on my 8 year old lab and she goes in for checking out tomorrow.
    my blog is

  6. Just came across your blog and so grateful i did. We have a 6 month old border collie that has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia, and after visiting the orthopaedic surgeon today were going with TPO, one hip at a time, like Otis. Its so great to see that he's recovered well and is having a happy and exciting life. So just thought id say thanks for sharing your story and tips, and I'm sure ill be revisiting many more times to ensure my Spot is healing properly! So thanks!